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Why do you have to charge patients? I have seen a nurse practioner before and never had to pay.

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in Ontario are not allowed to bill OHIP for the care they provide. In most cases NPs are "employees" at a medical office or clinic and are paid a salary that comes in from Ministry funding. Therefore, Nurse Practitioners that are working independently in "their own practice" (such as myself) have to charge patients for the care they provide. There is no funding at this time.

As an example you would have to pay to see a naturopath or a physio therapist. 

Do you accept third party insuranc eplans such as Green Shield or Manulife?

In some cases, yes. This depends on your personal plan. You would have to ask your provider if you have coverage for a "registered nurse" or it may fall under "extended health care coverage."

It is up to you to check how much coverage you have per year and to know when you have reached your maximum.

Do you see and manage regular family health care issues?

As a Nurse Practitioner in primary health care with over 14 years experience, I can manage family practice issues. This would be any issue that you would see a family physician for. These will be sorter appointments, usually 30 minutes instead of an hour. 

Do you see children?

I can see children and babies 6 months and older for acute/episodic issues only. Examples include fever, sore throat, cough, ear pain, rash. I do not carry vaccines.

Why does it say Ontario and Canadian residents only?

At this time I am registered as a Nurse Practitioner in Ontario, Canada only. I can not provide care for anyone outside of Ontario, Canada.

As an example, I can Not provide care for anyone in Alberta, the USA or Ontario California.

What can primary healh care nurse practioners do in Ontario?

Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners in Ontario can asses, diagnose and treat various health conditions. We can order blood work and diagnostic testing. We can also prescribe certain medications.

*No narcotic prescriptions will be given. This is non- negotiable.*

We can see patients with in our scope of practice. We have the right to refuse care if we feel it is outside of our scope and/or the therapeutic relationship has been broken.