Do you feel unheard?

Would you like a medical provider that listens?

Would you like to improve your health but unsure where to start?

I can help you!

About me

I am here to guide you

The path to Wellness can be overwhelming. As a Nurse Practitioner and mother, I understand. I am here to guide you through your health journey by providing convenient, collaborative and personalized health care.

Consultation options

Reclaim your health! Seek medical advice from a health care practioner who addresses the whole person, not just the diagnosis!

Would you like to bridge conventional medicine with alternative therapies?

Here at Functional Health Practitioner, I take health care beyond the prescription!

I help you reach your health care goals by getting to the root cause. We make a treatment plan that is personalized only for you!

I manage and navigate you through various health care disorders such as: hypothyroidism, mental health, post natal care, weight challenges, gut & bowel issues, fatigue and many more.

I also see patients for general walk in clinic type of health issues.

*Please note there are fees for service, and you must be an Ontario (Canada) resident to schedule an appointment.